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A logical style for emphasizing text.

The images on these pages are <em>not</em> free for the taking.

The images on these pages are not free for the taking.

  I.E. Netscape
<em> X X

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Changes the font size, color, or face by using the three attributes and enclosing text to be changed in the start and end tags. To set the universal type face, color, or size, use <basefont>. <basefont> sort of sets the default and <font> changes it at your discretion.

  • face=

    Specifies the font face to be used. To change the font to Comic Sans MS, you would use <font face="Comic Sans MS">. Take note, however, that the font specified has to be installed on the computer of the person viewing the page. If they don't have the specified font installed, they will see the default which is usually Times New Roman. You can also specify alternatives to use in case the first isn't available. You would simply use <font face="Comic Sans MS, Arial, Helvetica">. Hint: Helvetica is the Macintosh equivalent of Arial. Also, if you are designing for Internet Explorer, there are several fonts that come with it and are also installed. They are Times New Roman, Arial, Arial Black, Impact, Verdana, Georgia, and a couple of others I'm not sure of. Visit Microsoft's Typography on the Web page for more information on True Type fonts and the Internet.

  • size=

    Specifies the font size. Valid values are any number between 1 and 7 with 3 being the default. This and <basefont> are the only methods recommend for changing font size within a document. Do not use <Hn> or <big> to change the font size. Use them only for headings and bigger emphasized text respectively.

    <font size=5>I'm size 5.</font>

    I'm size 5.

  • color=

    Specifies the color of the text. For information on values for this attribute, see my Color Information Page.

  I.E. Netscape
<font> X X
   ...face= X X
   ...size= X X
   ...color= X X

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