How To Make Links
Your complete guide to website design and construction.
Year 4, Volume 1, Issue 1 July 3, 1999

Hello and welcome to Gilpo's How To Make Links. I hope you enjoy your stay. I have tried to make learning to design a web page as easy as possible. I'm constantly updating, so be sure to check back for updates. Thanks.

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What's New!

July 3 - Cut down page load times. Updated broken links.

Coming Soon: Forms Tutorial!

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The Basics

1. Internet Basics
This is for people who are REALLY new to the Internet. Knowledge of the contents of this section is assumed in the rest of the tutorial.

2. Planning & Design
This section deals with the preparation of your page before you even begin to construct it.

3. HTML Editors
This section helps you find an HTML editor to use in writing your page.

4. Homepage Basics
This section gives you a basic understanding of how homepages work.

5. HTML Tutorial
What it HTML? What do I do with it? Learn how to actually write your page.

6. Uploading
Learn how to upload your completed homepage, images, sounds, and other files to your homepage directory.


The Harder Stuff

7. How Do I...
If you know what you want to do, but don't know how to do it, this page is for you.

8. HTML Reference
An in-depth guide to every possible tag and their attributes. Explanations and examples accompany each tag.

9. List Tutorial
A step-by-step guide to making ordered, unordered, and definition lists.

10. Forms Tutorial
Working on It
A guide to making various types of forms. From simple user info to complex surveys, you'll find out how to do it here.

11. Table Intro.
An introduction into simple table usage.

12. Color Tutorial
Discusses the usage of color names and hex triplets in various tags.


For Experts Only

13. Advanced Tables
Working on It
Explores page layout using tables including nesting tables up to 5 levels deep.

14. Frames Tutorial
Frames, the things everyone loves to hate, are discussed in-depth here.

15. ActiveX Tutorial
Working on It
Activate your page! Note: This doesn't teach ActiveX programming or control creation, just how to put controls on your page.

16. Java Tutorial
Working on It
Spice your page up with a little Java! Note: This doesn't teach Java programming or applet creation, just how to put applets on your page.

17. JavaScript Intro
A short intro into JavaScript programming and site implementation.

18. Style Sheet Tutorial
Working on It
A guide to the usage of the new Cascading Style Sheet specification to allow greater page layout capabilities.

19. Image map Tutorial
Working on It
A step-by-step guide to creating server side and client side imagemaps.


Additional Help

Geocities Help
If you need help on something related to Geocities, go here.

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