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I started this page around May 1, 1996, give or take a week. It was then just called Gilpo. It was a sorry page with very little content (not HTML Tutorials) so I took it down for reconstruction around the first week in June. I promised to have it finished by July 1st but that never materialized. One thing my page was lacking in was fitting into the theme of my neighborhood, so I set out to change that.

I moved what little there was of Gilpo to another site and set out for making this page better with some actual content. I started work on 7-10-96 at 12:35 AM EST. I didn't go to bed that day until 8:00 am. I worked on it vigorously creating ALL my graphics from scratch, using my own stuff and not someone else's. (Read my copyright info.) I wanted to have a good start by that Friday the 12 and I did. The rest, as they say, is history.

January 3, 1998
Added <caption>, <cite>, <code>, <col>, <colgroup>, <comment>, <li>, <ul>, <var>, & <xmp>. Added Homepage Basics. Updated Planning & Design.
December 20, 1997
Added the new GeoGuide. Added some introduction pages. Added the <i> tag.
November 30, 1997
Put the finishing touches on the existing pages. Finished page conversions.
November 28, 1997
Converted more pages to the new format. Updated some minor things here and there. Added Christmas decorations. Improved the Christmas MIDI "jukebox" from last year.
November 16, 1997
Replaced GeoGuide with the lite version (non-Java).
November 9, 1997
Minor tweaks, and bug fixes. Mostly related to I.E. 4. Got rid of music.
September 27, 1997
Updated my Uploading page.
August 10, 1997
Added Music to this page and updated the HTML Reference.
August 9, 1997
Updated the Frames Tutorial and the Planning & Design page.
August 8, 1997
Added the Internet Tutorial.
August 5, 1997
Implemented a new, more easier to navigate design.
July 12 1996 - August 4, 1997
The actual creation of this site and the content so far.

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