How To Make Links

Uploading is a method by which you copy files from your computer to someone else's using the phone lines. This is the opposite of downloading. You have to upload your page onto your web server's computer before it can be seen by others. Uploading your page is a very simple and easy task to perform. Most servers require you to use FTP. This stands for File Transfer Protocol. To do this, you need an ftp client such as WS_FTP. This link takes you to where you can download the windows versions. You can probably find a comparable Mac program, such as Fetch, at Once you have the program, follow the instructions for uploading that your web server has provided for you.

Geocities Members: Click Here for complete instructions on how to upload images, sounds, etc. to your Geocities homepage. Then click here for info on how to put them on your page once they are in your directory.

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